Sister Joan Marie Sasse
 Sisters of Saint Benedict
12710 Blue Mountain Court
Grand Terrace, Ca.92313


Have you been wondering what you can do to “manage” your fear and insecurity during the pandemic? You are not alone! The world has been disrupted in unprecedented ways since February with the arrival of COVID 19. With this disruption, we are faced with obvious challenges, but we are presented with opportunities as well. We are being invited to redesign our lives! I would love to share these opportunities with you.

I have found it necessary to create a new format for the retreats because of the restrictions regarding COVID19. Saturday sessions will now be from 10am to 12:30pm. Snacks will be available, but lunch will not be served. Because “social distancing” will be observed, I need to limit these sessions to only 10 participants .

The “mini retreats”, which have been very well-received since August, will continue to be available during the rest of the week. During these sessions I will work with 1 to 4 people. Usually the session is from 10am to 12pm. Adjustments in time can be made to fit your schedule.

For more information, or to schedule a retreat, please call me at 909.783.4121. In the meantime, my prayer is that you all stay well and use this unique time in history to tap into your unlimited potential and creativity.

Abundant blessings,
Sr. Joan Marie Sasse OSB

Location:     Srs. of St. Benedict, Grand Terrace
Presenter:  Sr. Joan Marie Sasse OSB

reservations: 909-783-4121. (Sr. Joan Marie)

Tax deductible donations to support the Retreat Work can be made out to: 
St. Lucy's Priory - Retreat work
  12710 Blue Mountain Court
  Grand Terace, Ca. 92313​

Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Mini Retreat

It has come to my attention that there are people who would like to attend the Saturday retreats but may feel uncomfortable doing so due to Covid-19. This is understandable especially if there is someone in your family with compromised health conditions. People may also feel uncomfortable being near strangers, but still have a desire to attend a retreat. While I will still offer Saturday sessions, I have decided to offer a “Mini Retreat” during the week. The sessions will be from 9-11 and will be held on the patio outdoors. You will be able to determine the size of your group, invite friends or family members, or come by yourself.. I suggest that the group be no larger than four people.

To schedule a day that best fits your schedule, please call Sr. Joan Marie at 909.783.4121.. Lunch will not be served and the suggested donation is $20 per person.

Schedule of Events at Blue Mountain Court House

Sunday   7pm      Meditation session   followed by
                                   tea and conversation.
                                  ( Please call before coming. Often
                                  outside events prevent the group
                                  from meeting.)

Monday    6:00pm   Prayer and Distant Healing
                                 Using the Light of Christ as a focal point
                                 the prayer group sends healing energy to
                                 those who are sick. This is a unique and
                                 very powerful method of healing. You 
                                 may join us if you are sick – or you may
                                 come and have the group to pray for
                                 a loved one who is sick but not physically

Tuesday       Hosting a private study group'

Wednesday  Labyrinth Volunteers - 10 am
  (raking, watering, weed pulling etc.)

Thursday     Labyrinth Volunteers - 10am

Saturday       10am-12:30            One Day Retreat
                                 Each Saturday Sister Joan Marie offers
                                 a retreat/workshop. See current schedule.
                                 Reservations are necessary. Please call

To learn more follow the links or call 909-783-4121 and speak to 
Sister Joan Marie. Sister is also available to come and speak to 
groups at your location.