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Sister Joan Marie Sasse is a Benedictine Sister who lives in Grand Terrace Ca. She came to California from Indiana in 1966. Since that time she spent over 20 years teaching as well as working in administration. After leaving the classroom she  began her Retreat Ministry at Serra Retreat House in Malibu. For 5 years she worked there with Fr. Emery Tang.  She also traveled throughout the United Sates giving retreats/workshops to various groups.In 1988 her Benedictine Community purchased a house on Blue Mountain Court in Grand Terrace. It is here that she continues to give sessions. (Check schedule)  

In 1999 she became one of the directors of the Holistic Renewal Center in Beaumont Ca. For 12 years she gave weekly workshops at the Center. 

Sister has her degrees in Education, Theology, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.She has also been trained in the Silva Method, Therapeutic Touch, Pranic Healing,Quantum Touch, and Matrix Energetics.
Sister Joan Marie Sasse
​Comments of Participants
"As often as I can I go to the Saturday retreats by Sr. Joan Marie at Grand Terrace. Every time I go I learn something new. It is so uplifting just to be in her presence. She is truly a genius but has a gift to address you from where you are, understanding just what you need and putting it in a way that you get it. She talks about things  I never thought about, connects the dots if you will. Helps you get a better understanding of how things work and teaches very practical tools that you can use in your daily life. The tools and tricks have helped me on a day to day basis for years now so I know they work."

Bill McKenna
Author of "The Only Lesson"
San Diego, California
"Joan is a friend of mine, and I've been to her "Change your life by
changing your mind" seminars many times. They are all different and
I always learn something new. If you, or any one you know is not
happy with how things are going these days, you have GOT to hear
what she has to say. Her message is spiritual, but not religious. She 
doesn't try to convert anyone, and her message is very leading edge.
You will love her as I do. The sessions are given in a beautiful 
house near Loma Linda with a full sized labyrinth in the back yard.
She'll have dates and info on the answering machine if she is not
there to take your call."

Cindy Holt RN
Holt Holistic Healing, Prescott Valley, Az
"Sister Joan Marie believes in miracles and knows how to create them,especially during her retreats.  I experienced not only spiritual inspiration but also new knowledge of scientific things like Neurolinguistic Programming,cosmic version of the old beliefs and scriptures, plus walking the Labyrinth. Sister Joanie creates a homey 
atmosphere too. She is a woman for all seasons. You emerge feeling refreshed in soul, mind and body."
Alicia Rowe -Riverside California
The first time I visited Sister Joan’s retreat. My mind was filled with one AHA after another, as she spoke words of great insight and wisdom with reminders of my spiritual power and how to live life fully present in these chaotic times. Sister Joan shares meditation, breathing and healing exercises and so much that I am constantly taking notes! Even though I’ve  attended her retreats many times,  always get new information. Sister Joan has become one of my ongoing spiritual resources. I highly recommend going to her retreats. It’s time very well spent and worthwhile. She is a joy filled blessing and I’m grateful that our paths have crossed.

Laney C - RScP 

Center for Spiritual Living – La Crescenta

To learn more follow the links or call 909-783-4121 and speak to 
Sister Joan Marie. Sister is also available to come and speak to 
groups at your location.